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There are many advantages when you choose to becomeĀ  a real estate agent with M. Donato & Company. For starters, you will receive a tuition reimbursement for the schooling required to become a real estate agent after you have successfully made your first deal! And your schooling does not end there as our office will provide one on one mentoring with great patience in mind because everyone absorbs information at different rates. Our office has over thirty years of experience in the real estate industry, so rest assured knowing you’re in good hands. We want all of our agents to succeed because it’s a two way street – your success is an indication that we’re doing a good job!

Our office is a support center for agents. We work diligently with our agents by providing whatever assistance we can, such as marketing, business cards, and team orientation. Marketing a home is not an easy task for agents as many elements go into marketing tactics, which is why we will provide marketing assistance. We can help you with advertising such as flyers and signs, and with online marketing such as social media and online listings. We can also provide business cards so that you may give them to clients, advertise your services, and create new connections.

We promote teamwork above internal competition, so you will never have to fight another agent for a deal or a lead. We strongly promote the good qualities of a real estate agent – patience, respect, and professionalism. Lastly, we provide the most competitive commissions in Staten Island, so you will likely make a higher commission with us than with other companies.

If you are in interested in becoming an agent for M. Donato & Company, simply complete the form below and a representative from our office will contact you shortly! Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned real estate agent, we want to hear from you!

When you communicate with us at M. Donato & Company, your information is, and will always remain confidential.